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Permanent Dancer Poles

Platinum Stages puts forward professional class spinning fitness poles, stationary poles, portable and removable poles. We have three main types of fitness, exercise, exotic dancer poles for sale that are great for exercising and exotic dancing.

Our spinning dancer pole kit contains 2 flanges and all of the required hardware needed for the installation of this professional fitness kit. The base plate that is included with our spinning fitness pole exercise kit is 6" wide and 1" high and has an integrated spinning lock that prevents the stripper pole from turning if preferred. This allows the dancers to have more control of their workout or dance performances.

We also offer the first and only portable fitness and dance pole set. Our portable fitness and dance poles are totally removable and absolutely non-invasive. These removable fitness and dance poles can be used on ceiling heights that range from 7.9 to 9.9 feet right out of the box. For more information on our various types of exotic dancing and exercise poles for sale, click on the links below.

Dancer Poles on Sale
All New Platinum Stages Hanging Pole
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Platinum Glow Pole 2.0 (9ft 8inch - 12ft)
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Platinum Glow Pole (under 9'8
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