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NEW Star Stand Alone v4.0
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NEW Star Stand Alone v4.0

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Choose Options and Quantity

Pole Type
Multi Piece Pole (4 foot & 3 foot)
One Piece Pole 8
One Piece Pole 9
One Piece 10
Pole Material and Diameter
Stainless Steel 2.0inch(50mm)
Stainless Steel 1.75inch(45mm)
Stainless Steel 1.50inch(38mm) [+$75.00]
Brass 2.0inch(50mm) [+$100.00]
Brass 1.75inch(45mm) [+$100.00]
Brass 1.50"(38mm) [+$125.00]
No Pole Needed [+$-99.00]
Surface Color
Translucent White [+$50.00]
Translucent White w/o Platinum Stages Logo [+$125.00]
Black w/o PlatinumStages Logo [+$100.00]
Optional Extensions (Only for Multi-Piece)
Travel Cart
Yes, add the Travel Cart [+$75.00]


Now featuring the new Quick Connect pole.

Star Stand Alone v4.0

 The Star Stand Alone 4.0 is the latest version of our best selling free standing pole featuring a new pole connection system that is sturdier, made from stainless steel, and easier to disassemble than past versions.

Typical Turnaround is 7 - 10 Business Days

The base is only 3 inches(8cm) high and is 5 feet 8 inches(173cm) in diameter, allowing the most room for floor work. 

The user will have approximately 9.1 feet(289.56cm) (if using 24" extension (Optional)) of usable pole, this allows for the unit to fit under an 10 foot(308.8cm) ceiling or a 8 foot (243.84cm) ceiling (optional 1 foot are available). 

This pole is available in high polished genuine stainless steel and genuine high polished brass, it is also available in a 1.75 inch(45mm) or 2.0 inch(50mm) diameter*. 

The Star Stand Alone pole features spinning and stationary modes with a locking pin included. The Star Stand Alone Pole holds up to 250 lbs(113kg) and it does not require a ceiling. The base of this unit breaks down into 8 pieces and the pole breaks down into multiple pieces making it easy to transport. 

The entire unit fits conveniently on optional travel cart that you can wheel around , making it easy to travel with. The entire unit will assemble and disassemble in minutesThis is a one of a kind product only available at Platinum Stages.

*Extensions are not available in the 1.75 inch(45mm) brass option.

**Max height for multi-piece pole is 9 feet with extension and max height for a one piece pole is 10 feet and does not use extensions.

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